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The reasons why computer is crucial in finance


Most businesses do use the computers in order to complete their daily tasks. They can use the computer to make contact with the customers, to report the data and the computer allow business to be efficient in managing the affair while compared to the traditional papers or the manila folders. The businesses have different uses and there are different computers such tablets, smartphones, servers, laptop and desktop. With the computers, the employees can work anytime they want to.

The finances parts such as accounting was been done in manual way until the computer use started. Computers made the process reliable, accurate and easy to use. Accounting system is the collection of the controls, procedures, processes that are used to record, to collect, to summarize and to classify the financial data for the interpretation of the management and decision making. The computerized accounting is about making the accounting software that can store, record and also analyze the financial data. There are many accounting system that brings many advantages with it and they are not available for the analog accounting system.

There are many advantages of having to use computerized finances software. The automation: when the calculations are under computerized accounting or software, they are going to eliminate some of mundane or time consuming process which is associated with the manual accounting. When it has been issued, the invoices will be processed in automatic way and the accounting can consume less time.

Accuracy: accounting system has been designed in the way that they can be accurate even to the small details. When the data has been entered in the system, all calculations such as subtractions and additions may be done automatically by the use of the software. Data access: while using some type of the software, it has now become easier for different individuals to reach the accounting data away from the office. This is now easy with the online accounting solutions that are being used.

Reliability is because the calculation is so accurate and the financial statements which are prepared by the computers can be highly reliable. Scalable is when the business grows and the amount of the accounting which is necessary to be used also grows and they have to be complex. With the computerized accounting, whatever is kept straightforward is shifting into the data by the use of the software and it is easier compared to sitting in the bunch of the papers.

Speed: by the use of the accounting software, the entire process has now become faster. The statements and reports may be generated at once by just a click of the button. The managers may not have to wait for many hours or even for some days to get the hands on some important reports.

Security is one offered for the data which has been stored and saved for the offside location so it can be safer for man-made and natural disasters like terrorist attack, arson, floods, fires and earthquakes to take place. When the system is on cloud, it can be restored after the disaster.